Guide to Choosing a Chartered Property Surveyor in Cyprus

Have you ever wondered what’s the best way to choose a Chartered Property Surveyor, or better say how to choose one?

Guide to Choosing a Chartered Property Surveyor in Cyprus
Have you ever wondered what’s the best way to choose a Chartered Property Surveyor, or better say how to choose one?

Well, since you’re reading this, you probably have, and the title of this article caught your attention!

There are 6 things to take into consideration and look for when choosing a Surveyor and these are, Qualifications and Accreditations, Experience, Specialisms, Communication, Connection and Budget.

Let’s have a look at each point in more detail, shall we?

  1. Qualifications and Accreditations

When you are in search of a trustworthy surveyor, you should always take into account if the person is fully qualified by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) which allows him/her to use the letters RICS after his name and licenced from The Scientific Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK) which is the institutionalized Technical Advisor that registers its members and issues the relevant certificates and licenses. Another accreditation is to be member of the Association of Cyprus Real Estate Appraisers and Consultants which is the competent scientific body, which deals with the internal matters of the practice such as trainings, standards, fees, complaints, etc.

Only fully qualified chartered surveyors will have the knowledge to ask the right questions and thereafter solve yours, especially when prices are facing a downward trend as we speak!

  1. Experience

Another important factor when choosing a Chartered Property Surveyor in Cyprus is the surveyor’s experience in the industry. Therefore, despite it’s qualifications and accreditations, choosing one with an abundance of experience as well, will give you more prominent and genuine evaluation of the property without any doubt.

  1. Specialisms

As we addressed above, there are some properties that are more than just standard blocks and cement. You may be in search of buying a listed property or something that’s more unique and refined. If so, it’s good to consider if your property surveyor has handled or even has previous experience and has been involved in something similar previously. Yet again, any Chartered Property Surveyor in Cyprus who has passed the above qualifications, should be able to handle whatever property comes in the way. Nonetheless, once you realise, they’re experienced or specialize or have some expertise in that particular area or property you should consider it as a “bonus”!

  1. Communication

You must always be able to go through your report with your Property Surveyor – this is one of the most important things when searching for one! Decent, clear and prompt communication whether these are via phone call, email or live communication is critical as this will make you feel special and not be treated “just like another client”.

Our advice? Just follow your instinct and you’ll end up being a “winner”!

  1. Connection

Having connection with your property surveyor is equally important when choosing one! While this may not be the first thing to start your research, it may be critical for your search on a buying or selling process. And who knows, if you’re lucky enough you might be buying more properties in the future (whether is a property for you to live in), so choosing the best property surveyor you can trust, might turn out to be a successful long-lasting professional relationship. So be sure you ask for your surveyor’s business card!

  1. Budget

Last but not least, there’s your budget. Even though the main goal when acquiring the services of a property surveyor is to acquire them at the best possible price, it’s not always the wisest thing and approach you should aim for. We trust that you should take into consideration all the aforementioned points first and then take into consideration the cost. All things considered, investing in a property is arguably one of the most valuable buys you’ll ever make! Therefore, make sure that everything is essentially important, and the right Real Estate Valuation will guarantee you of all the decisions you’ve made in regard to the property. Nevertheless, you should always remember that you always get what you pay for, and even if you’re thinking that paying something extra might be worth it after all.

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